Activate the game window and use your arrow keys to move blocks around.

    –   Move tiles up
    –   Move tiles down
  –   Move tiles left
  –   Move tiles right

We all love puzzle games, we enjoy challenges which it offers and we enjoy intellectual quests. Unlike other online games out there puzzle games actually bring some value in our lives, you can consider playing puzzle games as a productive activity, why? Well because puzzle games improve our thinking abilities, they help us to learn something new, they help us to think faster, etc.

Puzzle games, in general, are very useful for our brains, but here is a problem, the vast majority of people don’t like puzzle games that much, they prefer to play primitive games that feature only action, violence and they don’t bring any productivity at all. How do we make puzzle games more entertaining for people? Million-Dollar questions right? Let’s try to answer it below.

Solving puzzle issue:
In order to help people to get into puzzle games, we need something eye catchy, something creativity, something popular and well recognized. The answer is memes, yes good old memes we all know about, we share them often and we laugh at them often. Okay, now let’s see which games feature all of the listed options, my best guess was 2048 Doge. First of all 2048 game is amazing on its own, it is simple yet requires a lot of skills in planning, it requires from you to analyze board well, it requires from you to plan your next move, etc. 2048 is awesome alone, but people are not attracted to such games, like I have said before they usually prefer primitive games. In order to fix this problem game developers decided to add Doge meme to it and the final result was a hilarious yet very challenging game – 2048 Doge.

How to play:
You probably already know how to play 2048 game series, you combine items with the same image (or with the same number), they get mixed and you receive a new item with a summary number of previous two. After that you mix again two starting numbers, you receive once again a summary of the combined number and you combine them with a similar object, and it goes on and on like this.

For example, if you will combine two and two you will receive an item which will feature number four, after that, you will have to combine two and two again, receive four again and combine this four with previously built four and in the summary, you will have eight.

Only similar numbers or items with a similar picture can be combined.

It may look simple at first glance, but things will get difficult at higher levels. As you progress through item combination you will notice that you have less space for maneuvers, different items with different numbers will be scattered across the board and it will be hard for you to combine items. In order to avoid these problems, you will have to plan your moves wisely, you will have to look forward and place items at the right place, otherwise, you will lose fast.

It is pretty simple, combine numbers and do your best to receive object which represents 2048, name of the game itself suggests your objective in this game. It won’t be easy I can promise you that, but it is going to be an extremely entertaining and interesting process. 2048 challenge may seem impossible for the beginners at first glance, but you will understand quite soon how things work here, what you should do, how you should place your blocks, etc. Practice makes perfect guys, never forget about it.

Why Doge?
Well it’s not like there are no other 2048 game editions out there, thing is that there are a lot of people who play this game and they have their own unique and creative mind, some people play cupcake edition of this game, some people play Dota 2 editions and some people enjoy Doge memes. There is no reason to seek a higher purpose in this game, it is just attempting to popularize game with a famous meme, that’s it!

By the way, you can come up with your own edition if you want to. Think about your hobby, or about your favorite TV show or about your favorite online game and try to make 2048 edition according to it, it is pretty simple actually.

Check out this awesome video guide guys, some people are so good in this game that they can combine tiles up to 8192 (!!!). If you are newbie in 2048 you can learn the basics of the game from the following video as well.

Find it on your device:
Do you prefer to play games on the phone? You can download this awesome game on your phone (both iOS and Android are supported) and play it from there. Check the provided links below and let me know if some of them are not working properly.

This game is a pretty creative way to popularize puzzle games, this is noble quest guys, people waste tons of time playing different dumb games why not attract their attention and help them to play productive games instead? Let’s share it with other people on social media blogs, let’s attract more users and challenge our friends, those of you who will manage to unlock 2048 block can be proud of yourselves, not many people were able to get that far.

Have fun and enjoy the game guys, challenge your friends and post your achievements below in the comments section.

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